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Innovative mental health care applications for you as a therapist.

Each solution is based on evidence-based techniques and has been developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists and mental health organizations and thoroughly tested with end users.

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Our products are already used by more than 5,500 therapists to help clients become mentally healthier.

Virtual Reality

Psylaris Care

The most comprehensive VR therapy product from the Netherlands including EMDR, exposure and relaxation. 

Psylaris VR glasses

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laptop or pc


Successful remote EMDR sessions with the best software including video calling without delay. 

Psylaris EMDR-Remote

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Continuous development

Your development as a therapist never stops, and neither do we.

We develop new applications every day and improve existing ones based on scientific knowledge. When you use Psylaris, you will learn what innovation means.

We are Psylaris

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

About Psylaris

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Big institution?

We offer tailor-made collaborations for larger institutions. In this way, we work together to ensure that our e-health solutions are supported throughout the company and that all of your medical professionals can make optimal use of our tools. We do this through training and the highest level of support.

Partner for research?

We enjoy working with universities and healthcare institutions to support research. Even if you want to test an innovation case, you can reach out to us for the highest level of innovation in psychological care. For example, we are currently working with Tilburg University on our first randomized clinical trial (RCT).

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