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Exposure (VRET)

Overcoming fears through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

The Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is based on evidence-based techniques and has been developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists and mental health organizations and thoroughly tested with end users.

Psylaris Exposure VRET

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What is VRET or Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy?

Virtual reality offers a new dimension in which people with a phobia can get closer to their fear in a safe environment. However, things feel more real than ever, so the client can build trust before facing their fears in the real world.

The advantages of VRET

Before virtual reality hit the market, the only ways to offer therapy to people with anxiety were either 2D images or 2D videos. That has now changed! With our VRET module you bring people closer to the real experience than ever before. VR literally created a bridge that wasn't there before. 

The applications

Our video team is ready for you! Call us and we will post new videos to support your treatment within a month. In the exposure library we currently have VRET videos for the following fears:

Additional modules are added every month, which we develop together with our customers.

How do you use exposure therapy?

Still step by step. However, we have now taken a step in between to make it even easier for your clients. You can easily use our VRET module by navigating to the specific fear in our library of fears. The customer can do this himself via the user-friendly interface of Psylaris Care.

The VRET module is part of Psylaris Care

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

Psylaris Care VR therapy

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