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Trauma processing in mental health care with the help of virtual reality.

The Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is based on evidence-based techniques and was developed in collaboration with recognized psychologists and mental health organizations and thoroughly tested with end users.

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What is EMDR-VR?

We have translated the EMDR protocol into a virtual world in which the client is guided by a virtual voice in a secure environment. EMDR-VR is like personal treatment. The application adapts to the client's reactions during the session using intelligent software. 

The module is completed independently by the client, so that you as the therapist do not have to be present or make inputs during this treatment.

The advantages of EMDR-VR

EMDR-VR ensures an increase in effectiveness and intensity. When clients can take the glasses home and practice from home, which increases the frequency of treatment, they make progress in record time.

The applications

The uses are as varied as you can imagine. From young people making big leaps through EMDR-VR to stories from seniors (80+) where EMDR-VR is very successful while they themselves had lost confidence in "normal" EMDR. For example, read Kevin's story here.

How do you use EMDR-VR?

You use EMDR-VR as a supplement to your personal EMDR sessions. First of all, you can use EMDR-VR while the client is in your treatment room. When you think the client is ready, you can take EMDR-VR home with you. From home, the client can also experience the other benefits of Psylaris Care such as relaxation.

The EMDR-VR module is part of Psylaris Care and EMDR-remote

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

Psylaris Care VR therapy

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