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About us

About Psylaris

Why we do what we do

Mental health disorders can have devastating effects on someone's life.

Not treating these disorders in a timely manner will result in additional problems for both the client and those around them.

After experiencing this all firsthand, the founders of Psylaris started developing solutions that can offer a way out the long waiting lists and cost efficiency problems in mental health care in the Netherlands. 

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Take a look behind the scenes

Passion and innovation are key!

Using advanced yet intuitive software, Psylaris can make the difference, allowing clients to help themselves (under the supervision of their therapist) get better, more quickly and more cost-effectively.

This allows the therapist to provide blended care, and allows the client to regain a degree of control.


All of our products are developed in co-creation with our close partners and therapists.

This allows us to guarantee that there is a connection with our target audience, and that we remain keenly aware of the effects our products have.

All software is developed with the same goal in mind: autonomous treatments that relieve the therapist during the treatment process.

This blended care approach ensures that clients, while under treatment by a therapist, can continue to improve autonomously in the periods between planned contact moments. This approach has proven quite successful so far.


We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

The power behind Psylaris, meet the team

Everyone at Psylaris is personally committed to the mission. We know what effect mental problems can have on someone's life. That is why we work day and night to create the best solutions for our clients.   

This is more than just a job for us, it's a lifestyle.

Do you want to know what Psylaris can mean for you? Get in touch!

mike verhiel psylaris

Mike Verhiel


Christoph Lynen

Christoph Lynen


Gijs-Jan Roelofs

Senior Developer

Eric Risbakk

Process Mining Analyst

Joachim Zeelmaekers

Back-end Developer

Tibby Haeyes

Tibby Hayes

Project Lead

Kira Temme Deutschland

Kira Temme

Country Manager Germany & UK

Tom Hermans

VR Developer

Meike Thijsen

Meike Thijsen

Junior Developer


Luc Smeets

Digital Marketer

Kevin van Geest

Kevin van Geest

Sales manager

Femke Castermans

Femke Castermans

Marketing Manager


Niels Hollands

Video Producer & Videographer


Lea Hartmann


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