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EMDR-remote ensures that you can practice online EMDR treatments remotely without any technical knowledge required. This way, your clients get the care and attention they deserve, without you having to make concessions.

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Are you struggling with complaints from an unresolved trauma? A very serious event can have a major impact on your daily life. As a rule, people are quite capable of processing a traumatic event themselves. But this does not apply to everyone and in cases where people are unable to do so, the consequences can be severely. Someone can get PTSD , a Depression or regularly suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. EMDR is a form of therapy with which unprocessed traumas can be better processed.

What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for "Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing". EMDR works by distracting you with various exercises while you think back on your trauma in order to re-process the emotional content. This is the basis of EMDR. The therapy was developed in 1989 by an American psychologist and has proven itself over the years. There is scientific consensus that EMDR works; it is an officially recognised and working therapy. However, scientists are still investigating how the brain works during an EMDR treatment.

What is an EMDR treatment like?

For EMDR, the therapist asks the patient to visualise the conscious trauma in his/her mind. This is the most difficult part for the patient, because this is the memory why he/she is experiencing symptoms. When you visualise the moment, remembering the specific thoughts and feelings, it can be very intense at first. At that point, the therapist distracts you with a hand gesture which you have to follow or possibly with a sound through headphones. The therapist asks about your thoughts and asks you to hold on to them, again distracting you simultaneously. Recalling the trauma and focussing on the distraction is an overload for your working memory. The result of this, however, is that you can 'park' the trauma more easily and recall it with fewer emotions. In other words, you give the trauma a designated place.

EMDR therapy online

It is possible to practice EMDR through video calling. Ultimately, importance is that the therapist can distract the patient and this does not necessarily have to take place in the treatment room. This can be useful for the patient if he or she cannot come directly to the therapist. The principle of EMDR via video calls is the same as during the physical method in the treatment room. The practitioner and the patient can see each other and the therapist can use the screen to apply the necessary distraction techniques. With special online EMDR software the therapist also has access to a variety of digital distraction tasks.

For whom is EMDR online suitable?

Practicing EMDR online is not suitable for all patients with traumatic complaints. This is something the therapist can assess relatively easily. Roughly speaking, there are two types of patients who qualify for online EMDR. Patients with relatively light to moderate complaints and who still function somewhat well in daily life. Or patients who functioned well in society before the trauma, but who have serious complaints after the trauma.

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Online EMDR software of Psylaris

Psylaris is an organisation with its roots in the mental healthcare sector. Psylaris knows the mental healthcare sector inside out, and therefore knows which modern techniques the mental healthcare sector can deploy for successful online EMDR treatments, among other things. For this purpose, Psylaris developed EMDR-remote, a convenient online platform for both therapist and patient.

What is possible with EMDR-remote?

As an online platform, EMDR-remote offers many tools for the therapist. Firstly, image calling is possible via a secure and stable connection. This allows both patient and therapist to see each other and communicate. Instead of hand movements, the therapist can now also use online distraction tasks to change speed, sound and colour during the session. Videos and maths can also be used online to load the working memory. All sessions are securely stored and only the therapist has access to this data. There is no need to download software. EMDR-remote can be reached and used through a web browser.

Online EMDR free

Psylaris offers online EMDR easy and for free for practitioners. Therapists, psychologists and other official practitioners can create a free account for Psylaris. After creating the account, it is possible to start the EMDR treatments online within a few minutes. You have direct access to all facilities that EMDR-remote offers.

EMDR-remote is the most complete online EMDR solution in the Netherlands

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

Psylaris EMDR-Remote

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