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EMDR for trauma

A human life consists of highs and lows. It is a journey of life in which you make memories with both happy and sad moments. For some people, the low points can be really deep, because they have experienced a certain violent event. This is the so-called trauma. It can sometimes be necessary to ask for help in processing a trauma. There are various treatment methods for this, including EMDR. But what is this and when do you qualify for trauma treatment EMDR?

What is trauma?

A trauma is the experience of one or more shocking events. This is certainly not about certain everyday events, it is about events that have an enormous impact on your life. This can be an accident, the death of a loved one, violence or sexual abuse. These are always very drastic situations, which you need time to process. Usually, traumatic experiences are processed well, so that they can be given a place and you can get on with your life again. A trauma remains in the memory, but is recalled in time, possibly with the necessary emotions. Real problems only arise when it is difficult or impossible to process a trauma.

Characteristics of trauma

Trauma gives rise to a variety of symptoms, and these differ from person to person. Common complaints are increased irritability, feeling misunderstood, withdrawing and ending up in isolation. Especially if there are certain situations that evoke the trauma again, you will try to avoid them. You can also suffer from sleeping problems, nightmares and concentration problems. If your symptoms persist, you may even develop unexplainable physical symptoms. In the worst case, you can get a Depression or suicidal thoughts. When these symptoms do not disappear, you may suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Try to prevent this and request EMDR treatment for trauma processing.

How to treat complex trauma with EMDR?

If the trauma continues to bother you, if you keep replaying the images in your mind or if you experience all kinds of other complaints, an EMDR trauma treatment is very sensible. In EMDR therapy, the trauma is central and so is distraction, or overloading of the working memory. The working memory can be seen as the temporary storage place in the brain. This is where temporary memories, including traumatic experiences, are stored before they are permanently stored in the long-term memory. An unprocessed trauma has not yet been transferred to the long-term memory and therefore remains in your working memory. The therapist will ask you to remove the trauma from your working memory. While you are thinking about this, the therapist distracts you with his/her hands or fingers, and sound signals heard through headphones are also a possible distraction. Thinking about the trauma and at the same time following the distraction is too much for the working memory. By doing this repeatedly and by being distracted again and again, you will notice that the emotional charge gradually disappears. It will become easier and easier for you to think about the trauma again. Of course emotions may still be released, that is normal, but you have given the trauma a place and you are able to look at the trauma as a life experience.
Psylaris EMDR-Remote

For whom is EMDR trauma therapy suitable?

EMDR is a form of therapy that is given by therapists and psychologists, among others. The basis of the treatment is the unprocessed or not properly processed traumatic experience. This can lead to specific complaints, for which trauma treatment EMDR is very suitable. People with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), who struggle with fears and phobias and who suffer from depression, benefit most from EMDR to overcome complex trauma. Do you suffer from other psychological disorders that are not related to a trauma? Then a practitioner will usually recommend a different form of treatment.

Which EMDR tools has Psylaris brought to the market?

The founders of Psylaris know the practice of mental health care. They know that patients need timely treatment and that modern solutions can help. Therefore, Psylaris has put some interesting EMDR tools on the market to support the therapists. Trauma treatment EMDR is thus easier for the therapist and more accessible for the patient.


EMDR-remote includes a complete online platform, which allows the practitioner to treat the patient remotely. Various distraction techniques can be used, so that physical distraction with the hands is not necessary. A patient who is so traumatised that he/she cannot leave the house can easily be treated from home. There is an option for online calling and the platform stores data securely.

Psylaris Care

Psylaris Care is a pair of Virtual Reality glasses. With this, Psylaris is entering the market for the future. With VR glasses, you have even more possibilities as a therapist. The patient can take the glasses home, increasing the frequency of sessions. There are various modules available for the VR glasses, including trauma treatment.

EMDR in virtual reality

The goal of Psylaris is to support therapists even better with sufficient EMDR techniques and tools. EMDR in virtual reality is the latest development. The Psylaris Care consists of virtual reality (VR) glasses that can be connected to various modules. Initially, the VR glasses are used in the treatment room and ensure that the patient enters a virtual environment. This ensures an intensive treatment, making a shorter course of treatment necessary. If the patient is ready, the glasses can be given to him or her for use at home, which means that treatment can also take place at home. There are various modules available for the VR glasses. Besides the EMDR module, there is also a module for the treatment of fear, phobia and stress. Psylaris continues to develop, so that more modules will be released in the near future for an even wider range of treatment.

Are you a therapist?

We believe with the combination of intelligent software and qualified therapists we can develop a system in which everyone, anytime and anywhere has direct access to efficient and affordable psychological care.

Psylaris Care VR therapy

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