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Offer your clients more self-direction, higher quality of care and treat more cost-effectively. Plan a non-binding inspiration session and discover what VR can offer you. 

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What can you expect from the session?

The participants will get to know virtual reality in an interactive, low-threshold manner. We will playfully experience all modules in the glasses. We will give examples of how other organisations use it successfully. This will broaden the horizon of the participants and you will be able to quickly make the translation to your organisation, current way of working and desired way of working.

We are your guide to the future, which is closer than anyone thinks, to let you experience how VR can be used as a tool within your treatment paths.

Playful introduction to VR

Besides giving you an insight into this new world, we also provide a hands-on experience. We will bring virtual reality goggles for each participant and immerse you in various virtual worlds, including our own! We will experience this from the perspective of both clients and practitioners.

VR workshops start on average from €900 per daypart, we organise this completely free of charge! We would like to shorten the waiting lines in the GGZ and that starts with a new view on the use of tools 🙂

In dialogue with an expert by experience

Your workshop host, Kevin van Geest, used the EMDR-VR module himself in 2018 after a traumatic experience. As a client, he was so happy with the solution that he decided to work for Psylaris. Meanwhile, he has been in dialogue with over 200 therapists, knows all the ins and outs of VR as a tool and is able to answer any question you may have.

The contents of the workshop (1.5 hours)

00:00 - 00:20
VR Inspiration session
Brief introduction to Virtual Reality and Psylaris.

What is VR, why is it important for you as a therapist, and who are we?

00:20 - 00:30
VR Inspiration session
Afraid of heights, anyone?

We break the ice by having one of the participants, who finds heights exciting, step out of a skyscraper. At this point, the group experiences what virtual reality can do to a person.

00:30 - 00:40
VR Inspiration session
A ride with public transport

Next, all participants will take a trip on the bus using our 360-degree video module. Here, therapists will experience what it is like to be stared at on the bus - exposure for social anxiety. The therapists can choose how intense the video is that they are going to watch.

00:50 - 01:05
VR Inspiration session
Autonomous EMDR

Then we do the autonomous version of EMDR, which is fully self-guided. Here we let the participant experience what it is like to do an independent EMDR session recorded by Eva.

01:05 - 01:15
VR Inspiration session
Role play EMDR Plus

Finally, the two of them play a role-playing game in the roles of 'practitioner' and 'client'. The therapist reads the EMDR protocol and can playfully experience which combination of working memory tasks works best. As a client, you then experience what it is like to perform the working memory tasks through the VR glasses. After a session we reverse the roles.

00:40 - 00:50
VR Inspiration session
Just breathe

When everyone has experienced this, everyone will do a relaxation exercise from the relaxation module. First a 360 degree video in the zoo (the passive form) and then we will do a relaxation exercise in the active form (breathing exercise).

01:15 - 01:30
VR Inspiration session
Quitting & Questions

Short conclusion of the day with room for questions.

Schedule your no-obligation inspiration session

We usually organise the inspiration session for: directors, management teams, therapists, doctors and intervision groups. 

We will contact you after placing your request to discuss the inspiration session.

Note: starting from 5 therapists.


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