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Trends in healthcare

Deloitte has published its report on the current state of healthcare worldwide. In it, the analysts also address six issues that need to be addressed urgently to improve the quality of healthcare. The Global Healthcare Outlook 2022 report outlines, among other things, the actions needed to increase resilience and deliver better outcomes.

The global healthcare system continues to face new challenges as a result of the ongoing coronary pandemic, which continues to demand the attention and resources of healthcare systems. Healthcare workers are under enormous workload and health facilities are struggling to maintain non-COVID-19 related care. These are just two examples. Under the pressure of this pandemic and all its problems and challenges, a huge transformation has begun in the health sector. This transformation will continue in 2022.

Transformation in healthcare

The pandemic has led not only to exponential advances in medical science, but also to an explosion in digital technologies, access to data and analytics. As a result, consumers have become better informed, but also more empowered. Alongside the massive digital transformation, there is also a shift in healthcare from treating illness to prevention and wellness. And this shift is proving to be a catalyst for the clinical, financial and operational transformation that healthcare has long promised the world.

The coronary pandemic has accelerated many existing and/or new trends in healthcare. These include changing consumer preferences and behaviours, the integration of life sciences into healthcare, rapidly evolving digital health technologies, new talent and care models, and clinical innovation. Industry players and the consumers they serve face an unfamiliar world of remote working, virtual doctor visits and a supply chain with shortages of medical goods, personnel and services.

6 trends in healthcare

In the report Global Healthcare Outlook 2022 (pdf link), Deloitte identifies six trends or challenges that will require full attention in 2022 in order to continue the long-awaited transformation in healthcare, which has been boosted by the coronary pandemic.

  • Equality in health: Promote equality in health by putting the goal into practice.
  • Mental health and well-being: Mental health - time to move forward now.
  • The future of medical science: moving forward at a rapid pace.
  • A new vision for public health: building a resilient future for public health.
  • Environment, social and governance (ESG): low-carbon health care and the path to "net zero" emissions
  • Digital transformation and adaptation of care models: Preparing for a digitally driven health system.

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